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Make data-driven decisions using analytics

Get actionable info about your website.
Learn which content is working best and how your visitors behave. Then use these insights to act and improve.

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3 Steps to online success with analytics

Insights to boost your business

Be confident in your decision making when you have the numbers to back it up.

Get the information you need to succeed

Stay Updated
Get your key measures in an overview on your website dashboard. Customize the view to show the most relevant info for your site.


Track Your Traffic
See where your visitors come from, how they get to your site and if they return. Learn which days or times of day are most popular.


Understand Your Visitors
Learn where your visitors spend the most time on your site and compare the behavior of first time visitors with returning visitors.


Analyze Your Revenue
Compare your revenue across time periods. Break down your transactions by variables such as product, geography and source.

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Know Your Customers
Get insights on your top customers, see how your customer base is growing over time and monitor your lead generation by channel.


From Insight to Action
Get personalized suggestions, based on your website’s performance, on how to boost your traffic and engage your visitors.


Get More of the
Right Visitors

Discover how people arrive at your site and see how long their visits last. Market your site to the channels that bring you the most engaged visitors. 

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Make the Most of Your Best Content

See which content is engaging your visitors the most. Give successful content so you know what's working so you can promote it in marketing campaigns.

Effectively Manage Your Product Portfolio

Understand which items or services are selling better than others. Break down the reports and see how sales change by time period. Use this information to make decisions about your product range and when to offer promotions.

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Focus Your Efforts by Geography

Learn where your visitors are based with the Traffic by Location report and use the Sales by Billing Location report to see where most of your sales come from. Then decide to focus on areas where you are already strong, or on areas which are weaker.

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More tools to help grow your business

Run your business on the go
Download the Wix Owner app and take your CRM wherever you are—on any device.


Get Valuable User Data
View website analytics to learn about your customers, their buying habits & preferences.


Manage your team 
Invite team members to your dashboard, assign custom roles and permissions and mange payroll.


AI Targeted Marketing
Use artificial intelegence to target people most likely have an interest in your brand and become customers.


POS System
Turn your phone into a mobile till point. Take payments, scan barcodes, email reciepts and give discounts and more


Financial Integrations
Get paid online, create price quotes & send invoices to customers. Getting paid has never been easier.


Frequently asked questions

  • Can I access analytics on my phone?
    Yes you can. Use the Wix Owner app to stay connected to your site’s performance on the go.
  • What is the process of getting my own branded app?
    First you will need a website, this is where we build your functionality and it will allow your customers to access your services from any device.
  • Is this a native app or web app?
    A native app, which means it’s built with the native language of the device it is installed on—allowing for a top‎ user experience.
  • Will my app be syncronised to my website?
    Yes, all content and funcionality is synced between your app and website. So if a user sets up an account on your app they will use the same account for your website. where they can access all your information, products and services.
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Get a Mobile App fully integrated to your website

Available on the app stores

Make the right decisions based off proven data to improve all aspects of your business from your most popular products to where you customers are based and what they're most interested in.

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