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Figma's 2023 Update: A Game Changer for Designers and Developers

Figma is breaking new ground with its exciting new update!

The design sphere is abuzz with excitement as Figma, a leading collaborative design tool, brings forth an enticing proposition for developers. Figma’s recent 2023 update and the introduction of Dev Mode pave the way for a unified workspace, promising to revolutionize the way designers and developers collaborate. This blog post explores these latest updates and discusses how they are set to catalyze the process of converting innovative ideas into reality.

Design and Development: Unified by Figma

Figma’s latest update and the introduction of Dev Mode mark a significant stride toward the convergence of design and development. This harmonization opens up new realms of efficiency and seamless collaboration, streamlining the journey from conceptualization to implementation. The centerpiece of this revolution is Dev Mode, a game-changing feature designed to help developers get the information they need when they need it, using the tools they already use.

Introduction to Dev Mode

Dev Mode is a new workspace in Figma designed to make it easier and faster for developers to transition from design to development. It's like a browser inspector for your design file, bringing design concepts - such as shapes, layers, and groups - closer to developer concepts like code, icons, and tokens. You can easily locate and export all the necessary information you need, such as measurements, specs, and assets, and gain additional context from your design system. Dev Mode is now available in beta and is free through 2023, inviting developers to explore and utilize its potential.

Figma Dev mode
Figma's new Dev mode is an excellent place for developers to transition from design towards development.

Dev Mode: A Familiar Environment for Developers

The interface in Dev Mode is entirely redesigned and customizable to suit whichever language you're working in. Code isn’t just handed to you pre-made, rather it serves as a starting point so you're not beginning from scratch each time. With a modern syntax and a tree view, the CSS box model becomes easily comprehensible, and you can toggle between dimension units to match your codebase.

Access All in One Place with Dev Mode

Dev Mode connects the tools you use and your code components to the design file, enhancing productivity. Figma's plugins allow you to extend its functionality to match your team's workflow. Manage your project with plugins like Jira, Linear, and GitHub. These ensure both you and your designer are in sync with ongoing processes. Plugins from AWS Amplify Studio, Google Relay, and Anima allow you to customize code output, providing the flexibility to create your own based on your unique workflow.

Design Systems and Design Tokens

Design systems are becoming more powerful with the introduction of design tokens via variables. These are like bits of UI data that can be utilized across design and code. They surface in Dev Mode, making it instantly clear what's needed to start building. You can also add related links to objects on the canvas to reference documentation or plugins.

Track Production Ready Elements

Dev Mode simplifies the process of tracking components ready for production. Designers can label a section as "ready for development" and send it directly to you, eliminating the need for creating separate pages or files. With diff support, you can compare changes between different versions of a frame and stay up to date.

Extend Your Workflow with VS Code Extension

To optimize your workflow, Figma offers a VS Code extension that allows you to review designs, see notifications and comments, and keep abreast of changes without having to leave your coding environment. The extension even autocompletes code based on the design you’re inspecting, helping you to work even faster.

Harnessing the Power of Figma's 2023 Update

Figma’s 2023 update is more than just a software enhancement; it's a paradigm shift in how designers and developers collaborate. The introduction of Dev Mode and the integration of cutting-edge features reflect Figma's commitment to fostering creativity and innovation. Small business owners, designers, and developers are thus empowered with tools that streamline workflow, promote collaboration, and foster a seamless transition from design to final product.


Figma's 2023 update and the introduction of Dev Mode is a defining moment in the evolution of design and development. By bridging the gap between these two vital aspects, Figma is transforming the way we work and create. If you're ready to experience this revolution first-hand, start exploring Figma today! While you're at it, check out Evoke Digital Agency for additional business advice and development ideas. Our aim is to assist you in staying ahead of the competition, and we’re ready to help you leverage these new tools for your business's growth.

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