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How this small business increased its revenue by 24% in just one year, and how you can do the same.

Updated: May 23, 2023

Case Study: Lali Jewellery - How we helped them see a 24% increase in overall revenue compared to their highest recorded year previously.


Imagine a jewellery store, rich with craftsmanship and legacy, weaving intricate designs since 1970. This is the story of Lali Jewellery, a gem in the heart of the city. Yet, for four consecutive years from 2017 to 2020, this sparkling store found its lustre fading, as revenues declined. It was time for a digital transformation, and who better to turn to than Evoke Digital Agency - a partner renowned for converting clicks into customers?

The Obstacle:

Lali Jewellery's original website, unfortunately, lacked the brilliance of their artisanal pieces. It was a labyrinth for customers, devoid of user-friendly features and a robust SEO strategy. Their social media footprint was as faint as an old jeweller's hallmark on a worn-out band. Expanding their clientele beyond local borders seemed a far-off dream.

The Game Plan:

Evoke Digital Agency stepped in with the finesse of a master jeweller, but our tools were ones of digital alchemy. The dated website was redesigned from the ground up, optimizing for user experience and SEO. An intuitive social shopping feature was embedded, transforming Instagram and Facebook from mere showcases to bustling marketplaces.

But we didn't stop at web and social. An inventory management system was put in place, as synchronized as the gears of a Swiss watch, ensuring that product updates happened simultaneously across platforms.

We launched targeted ads on the major social platforms and Google, using website promotions to generate and nurture leads. We even went a step further and developed a mobile app for Lali Jewellery, streamlining their ability to add, edit, and monitor products, sales analytics, and communications.

Our masterstroke was the introduction of a business management dashboard, a command center for Lali Jewellery to handle everything from invoicing and analytics to staff management. Automation features ensured that Lali Jewellery could respond to customer inquiries from various platforms from one central feed.

The Shining Result:

Like the radiant gleam of a well-polished gem, the results of this digital transformation were truly dazzling. In just one year, Lali Jewellery saw an increase in online revenue by a whopping 414%, a surge in online orders by 573%, and a 447% rise in traffic from Google. The icing on the cake? An impressive 24% increased revenue compared to their best-ever year in the past.

The effects rippled through to operational efficiency too. The inventory system alone saved significant time and labor costs, while the mobile app and business manager dashboard freed up Lali Jewellery to focus on their core competency – crafting beautiful jewellery.

As a side effect of all this, Lali Jewellery began glittering on the global stage, amassing a loyal following that could be marketed to through their social channels.

The Path Ahead:

While the journey so far has been brilliant, the road to digital excellence doesn't end here. Lali Jewellery still clings to a traditional pen-and-paper system for recording sales. Our plan? Bring in a POS system that integrates seamlessly with their existing systems, allowing sales to be recorded from any smartphone or tablet. Now, that's a digital recipe for data-driven decision making.


Evoke Digital Agency, armed with a potent mix of website development services, user experience design, SEO optimization, and business management solutions, has redefined success for Lali Jewellery. We've not only turned around their declining revenue but also put them on a path of continuous growth and digital innovation. We're excited about the road ahead. So, let's toast to the future successes that await us, with a glass of champagne in one hand and a click to Evoke Digital Agency's website in the other!

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